Patch 0.8.3-b2176

Released: 8th July 2021

Changes in 0.8.3-b2176

? indicates changes due to community feedback

Updated the Ultra Heavy Beam Weapon

  • Changed name from BEM UH 01 → BMH Shadowburst
  • Added a description: Emits a five-second beam so strong, it can cut whole buildings in half. Extremely difficult to rotate while firing due to gyroscopic interference so mechs must move to stay on target.

More Salvage UI Improvements

  • ? It’s now possible to salvage friendly units:
    • After a defeat, you’re limited to 60 points to “emergency” salvage budget
    • Using this, you can salvage parts of destroyed and intact friendly units
    • Salvaging broken parts on intact units will equip them back to the unit that lost them automatically
    • Salvaging from a concussed or ejected unit will add those parts to the inventory but the unit and pilot will not be returned to the base
  • Salvage budget is now affected by which units you defeat in combat. The more enemies you defeat, the larger your salvage budget is.
    • Mechs +30
    • Tanks +10
    • Elevated tanks +20
    • Turrets +10
  • Added text to show intact parts cost less, destroyed parts cost more, parts on lost friendly units will be lost forever if not salvaged
  • Added pilot details including name, callsign, and status (concussed, missing, etc)
  • Added SFX to sliders, selecting parts of different rarities, entering and exiting salvage, and adding and subtracting salvage cost
  • ? Improved style of the UI to show destroyed parts more clearly
  • Updated the salvage tutorial text


  • Added a failsafe to loading a game in the middle of a salvage from 0.8.0 or earlier may cause issues in later versions
  • Shields are now much less effective against thermal, stagger and concussion damage. When the shield is up 50% of heat, 80 % of stagger and 25% of concussion, damage gets through the defense.
  • “Investigate” on War Memorial event now guarantees intel on a new site 
  • ? Added an indicator to armor in list views to show what part they belong to (upper, lower, arm)

Fixed Issues in 0.8.3-b2176

  • Fixed enemy mechs and root dropping only uncommon or rare loot
  • Fixed Workshop event not triggering at the correct amount of supplies gained
  • ? Fixed units being able to walk through some parts of terrain on forest map
  • Removed placeholder text from Hit & Run retreat conditions
  • Fixed hybrid elevated tanks (VBT) appearing as tanks (MBT) in salvage list
  • Fixed elevated tanks disappearing when they’re destroyed
  • Fixed liberated POI showing mission type, branch, and difficulty
  • Second part of War Memorial event now triggers automatically after exiting combat in the first part
  • ? Fixed recovered parts not getting added to mech stats
  • Fixed 3D preview showing the last unit or part selected in the salvage screen
  • Fixed combat outcome overlapping with repair actions on the salvage screen
  • Fixed Cannons or MG Turrets being salvaged from tanks from caches
  • Fixed melee attacks launching turrets into the air
  • Fixed enemy units occasionally entering combat on the capital without weapons
  • Unlocking abandoned site and salvaging war memorials now grants rewards
  • Fixed some unit parts not disappearing when destroyed (such as the tops of turrets floating)
  • Fixed “continue” button on defeat not working if salvage screen was previously open after victory with discovered salvage