Patch 0.11.1-b2560
Released 23 Sep 21 - HOTFIX
Patch 0.11.0-b2533
Released 21 Sep 21 - RELEASE
Patch 0.10.4-b2529
Released 16 Sep 21 - EXPERIMENTAL
Patch 0.10.3-b2497
Released 09 Sep 21 - EXPERIMENTAL
Patch 0.10.2-b2461
Released 02 Sep 21 - EXPERIMENTAL
Patch 0.10.1-b2397
Released 19 Aug 21 - HOTFIX
Patch 0.10.0-b2393
Released 17 Aug 21 - RELEASE
Patch 0.9.4-b2386
Released 12 Aug 21 - EXPERIMENTAL
Patch 0.9.3-b2357
Released 05 Aug 21 - EXPERIMENTAL
Patch 0.9.2-b2285
Released 28 Jul 21 - EXPERIMENTAL

Patch 0.8.4-b2206

Released: 14th July 2021

Changes in 0.8.4-b2206

? indicates changes due to community feedback

Sound Improvements:

  • Added more SFX to salvage UI buttons
  • Added ambient SFX to destruction on combat maps to match new combat atmosphere

Fixed Issues in 0.8.4-b2206

  • Fixed intact player units with active pilots appearing in salvage on Smash & Grab scenarios
  • Added a fix to clean up Battlefields on the overworld when loading saves from versions earlier than 0.8.0
  • Fixed SFX on long-presses in various parts of UI including on the dismantle and scrap buttons in the inventory views
  • Fixed position of beam effect being too far into the body of the weapon
  • Various SFX fixes to beam explosions