Patch 0.9.2-b2285

Released: 28th July 2021

Changes in 0.9.2-b2285

? indicates changes due to community feedback

New Workshop and Economy!

  • Due to changes in the game’s economy, we recommend you start a new campaign when providing feedback. Note that we’ll be continuing to iterate on this in the coming updates. For now, supplies are carried over from saves made in 0.9.1 or earlier versions. Thank you for your patience!
  • The base is now equipped to construct any item you have a blueprint for
    • These are in the projects list by part category. After you select a category you can select a variant (for example, an arm, upper body, or lower body of an Elbrus Medium set)

    • Building a project consumes time, supplies, as well as a charge of that project. Once all charges of a project are used, that project can’t be constructed anymore.
    • Charges of projects can be found on Bases, Outposts, Facilities, Convoys, and Caches

Improved Overworld Actions:

  • Updated the overworld actions list UI
  • Selecting actions now opens a panel with a description of what is being done
    • Here you can cancel actions as well as immediately locate where the action is occurring on the overworld.
  • Added support for non-progressing actions, such as those in the Assassination and Draft events

New Events:

  • Assassination: Quietly and efficiently eliminate the enemy General/VIP unit before the KILL team is tipped off
    • Only two of you top mechs can enter this high-stakes mission
  • Draft: You catch wind of guerilla forces planning to interrupt an enemy draft. Choose your angle of attack wisely, will you team up with the guerillas or try to retreat with the civilians as quickly as possible
    • Team up: take command a force of guerilla tanks alongside two of your units to eliminate the enemy
    • Sneak in: try to rescue the civilians and retreat my holding the objective for five turns with two of your mechs
    • If at first you don’t succeed… try again! Give the mission another shot with a four-mech PB team fighting alongside guerilla tanks. The enemy draft must be stopped!

In-game Modding Support

  • Experimental modding support is now available! This adds a button on the main menu where you can manage your configs. See #phantom-modding on Discord for details!


  • ? Supply rewards are now surfaced in the salvage list as well as in the widget to the bottom left of the list
  • Supplies added from dismantling items have been increased
  • Removed alarm option from “Locked up Tight” event

Fixed issues in 0.9.2-b2285

  • Markets and Black Markets now spawn with the correct level of intel
  • Crashed satellite event now spawns an entity on the overworld map
  • “Fix mistake” choice on “Lights Out” event now adds fatigue to all pilots
  • Fixed Stargazing event not relieving fatigue in its 2 hour variant
  • Supplies are now correctly deducted on the “capture him” choice in the “Enemy in the Rubble” event
  • Selecting celebrate option in the Birthday event now subtracts supplies
  • Various fixes to UI formatting (uneven indentation, spaces etc.)
  • Fixed an animation loop with non-matching head and tail poses
  • Fixes to transitions between mech poses