Patch 0.9.3-b2357

Released: 5th August 2021

Changes in 0.9.3-b2357

🦾 indicates changes due to community feedback

Updated Base Visuals

  • Added a workbench to the workshop
  • Improved visuals on the construction arms and changed their inactive pose
  • Added a hologram for when the workshop is inactive
  • ? Added level UI to projects in the workshop, this is based on the level of liberated provinces
  • Updated briefing Holotable VFX

New Overworld UI

  • Stop: stops the base in place and pauses time
  • Retreat: appears once the mountain base is liberated and you have less than two active units

? Balance Tweaks 

  • Reduced the amount of damage dealt to units on collision with other units and decreased the amount of damage dealt to vehicles when colliding with the environment
  • Increased unit collision damage
  • Reduced the amount of supplies gained from Bases
  • Reduced the amount of loot gained from Convoys
  • Added small common part drop chance on Caches
  • Decreased the weight of standard long range tanks to the light weight category
  • Reduced the difficulty of the Stealth scenario in the Draft event
  • Reduced difficulty of the starting province camp
  • Reduced the amount of supplies awarded from mountain base
  • Starting Elbrus and Assault Rifle projects now have infinite charges
  • Increased damage on the BM1 Sunswarm


  • Added unit count to Assassination and Draft event options
  • Added PB Comms to Draft scenarios
  • Added intel UI to all event POI
  • Projects and Supplies now appear on the salvage screen

Fixed issues in 0.9.3-b2357

  • Fixed successful Draft event not awarding players the correct amount of supplies
  • Fixed narrative event window not appearing after a successful Draft Retry
  • Fixed duration on workshop actions being listed in seconds
  • Fixed an issue where the Draft event could occur on liberated camps
  • Fixed an issue where the Dog event occurs when winning settlements
  • Fixed an exception after winning the Stakeout in the Defector event
  • It is no longer possible to load during turn execution in combat
  • Fixed alignment on tooltips on some tutorial UI
  • Fixed over world updates appearing when loading a save with an action in progress
  • Fixed Heavy Weapon projects producing no items or the wrong items 
  • Fixed Radio Station showing old entity UI
  • Fixed Intact parts and subsystems requiring the same amount of points to recover and to dismantle them
  • Salvaging the war memorial now awards you a project
  • Fixed possible to soft-lock if you’re in the danger state and you engage in combat during the Ransacked or Kidnapped events
  • “Received loot” updates no longer appears on victory
  • Fixed loading during the War Memorial event forcing the player to disengage
  • Fixed various typos and text in salvage UI
  • Fixed recovered items having recover preselected in the next salvage screen if broken in combat
  • Fixed Radio Station being non-interactable after successful Recon in Defector event
  • Fixed salvage appearing on defeat after Decode in Defector event
  • Base no longer triggers two events while Kidnapped event is active
  • Fixed Kidnapped event resolving immediately
  • Assassination action is now dismissed when the event is abandoned
  • Large Black Markets are now displayed as hostile entities
  • The hard and medium versions of the Locked event now requires more supplies for using the tools option
  • Fixed only one unit at a time taking damage in a collision
  • Fixed rarity on Arrow Heavy body part project (now common)
  • Fixed Arrow workshop projects using Knox names
  • Fixed workshop arms disappearing when re-entering the base
  • Various fixes to in-game modding system
  • Lots of bug fixes!