Patch 0.15.2-b3297

Released: 10th February 2022

Changes in 0.15.2-b3297

šŸ¦¾ indicates changes due to community feedback

Main Menu Polish

  • Camera cuts on the main menu now sync with the music
  • After 10 seconds of inactivity, the UI will fade out

New Briefing Improvements

  • Added SFX to various buttons in the new briefing and squad screens
  • Improved deployment locking in the new briefing UI to support hovers and clicks to highlight outstanding issues
  • Improved how the holo-table appears when stealth and overdrive modes are active


  • Improved the lens flare effect on mechs at the start of an attack
  • Updated game credits

Fixed in 0.15.2-b3297

  • Fixed base view moving when loading an autosave while driving on the overworld
  • Rain and fog from the overworld no longer appears in the main menu
  • Units are no longer hidden behind trees in Units and Squad views
  • Fixed quitting to main menu displaying the overworld when switching views
  • Fixed an issue where patrols will tail the mobile base without being able to engage them in combat
  • Fixed some scenarios displaying all retreat zones at once on the holo-table in briefingĀ 
  • Fixed missing objectives on the Assassination scenario
  • Fixed an issue where all retreat zones displayed at once on the holo-table when briefing for the Assassination scenario
  • Fixed unit markers being hidden during turn execution
  • Fixed action palette remaining on the screen when using NUM (-) to hide UI
  • Fixed exit to main menu being available on the combat outcome screen
  • Fixed dark lighting and fog intensity in the salvage screen and virtual background view
  • Fixed pod position on Arrow and Knox armor sets in base views
  • Fixed an issue making it impossible to dash under overhangs
  • Fixed combat fog multiplying bloom
  • Fixed broken weight icon sizes on unit info UI in combat
  • Fixed tooltip settings on main menu
  • Fixed missing retreat zones on Blitz scenarios
  • Fixed an issue where the language option would not appear when localization mods are active
  • Fixed animation issues with chained melee actions
  • Fixed text on Break-In scenarios
  • Fixed disabled victory outcomes on Liberation scenarios
  • Fixed subsystem filters in the inventory excluding several subsystems
  • Fixed holo-table lighting being too dark and missing accent lights
  • Fixed War Memorial site remaining on the map after the event concludes
  • Fixed an occasional exception on the main menu
  • Fixed issues with the Draft event not firing as intended
  • Fixed an issues allowing rain to appear in the starting province
  • Fixed developer text appearing in tooltips
  • Fixed a pose between primary weapon holster animation and secondary weapon draw