Patch 0.16.0-b3297

Released: 15th February 2022

Update 15: Knowledge is Power


KEEPING IT BRIEF: Prepare for combat with a revamped briefing system!
The main menu has a snazzy new look!

Phantom Brigade is in Early Access, which means we are actively updating and adding new content based on ourĀ roadmap and your wonderful feedback. You can expect the next Tactical Tuesday update on March 15th, 2022 at 11:00AM PST. See the full patch notes below!

Changes in 0.16.0-b3297

šŸ¦¾ indicates changes due to community feedback

New Main Menu Screen

  • We’ve replaced the old main menu with revamped menu UI as well as a flashy new dynamic background!
  • Camera cuts on the main menu now sync with the music
  • After 10 seconds of inactivity, the UI will fade out

New Briefing Flow

  • The pre-combat briefing screen has now been divided into two sections
  • Mission view:

    • Incoming mission panel: this panel reports detailed information on the type of mission you’re going into and how difficult it might be. Here, field traits will help you know what to expect and to equip your squad accordingly
    • Enemy garrison panel: here, information about the enemy branch, level, and their combat strategies are shown
    • šŸ¦¾ The improved holo-table now reports Phantom Brigade and enemy spawn points, objective points, retreat zones, and the number of reinforcements expected to arrive
  • Squad view:

    • In squad view, you can review the units you’re taking into combat for any final tweaks
    • Sub-optimal units will be flagged with a warning and list hints on how to improve them here

Scenario and Entity Refactor

  • In order to surface the new scenario and spawn point information in the new briefing view, we’ve had to revise and rename scenarios and entities.
    • As part of this, we’ve also redesigned and rebalanced all scenarios
    • We’d greatly appreciate your feedback on how combat feels!

Recoil Animation Improvements

  • Improvements to shield hit reactions
  • Improvements to torso rotations
  • Energy weapons now trigger recoil animations


  • Improved the lens flare effect on mechs at the start of an attack
  • Updated game credits

Fixed issues in 0.16.0-b3297

  • Overheating no longer causes hit reacts
  • Fixed an issue where two-handed weapons snap to the wrong direction when placing two attacks one after another
  • Fixed torso and arms rotating backwards when shooting backwards with a two-handed weapon right before stopping movement
  • Fixed mechs turning slightly to the left when firing straight ahead with the Assault Rifle
  • Hid the Border Outpost entity from the overworld
  • Fixed an occasional issue where AI could plan paths that would lead them to crashing to landing reinforcements
  • Bullets are no longer shot before the weapon faces the correct angle after a large rotation
  • Handgun recoil no longer starts before the attack’s firing sequence
  • Fixed an animation glitch where weapons are fired backwards
  • Fixed various text errors, typos, and phrasing issues
  • Fixed an issue where movement swaps positions with attack on the action palette after turning into limp
  • Turrets can no longer be targeted after they’re killed
  • Fixed cancel SFX playing whenever hitting RMB in combat
  • Fixed an issue where new items are not detected as “new” after reloading the game
  • Fixed missing warning when overwriting save files
  • Game speed SFX no longer plays when you quit to main menu
  • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to long-click a damaged unit in Units view
  • Fixed an impassable part of terrain on wilderness mapsĀ 
  • Fixed base view moving when loading an autosave while driving on the overworld
  • Rain and fog from the overworld no longer appears in the main menu
  • Units are no longer hidden behind trees in Units and Squad views
  • Fixed quitting to main menu displaying the overworld when switching views
  • Fixed an issue where patrols will tail the mobile base without being able to engage them in combat
  • Fixed some scenarios displaying all retreat zones at once on the holo-table in briefingĀ 
  • Fixed missing objectives on the Assassination scenario
  • Fixed an issue where all retreat zones displayed at once on the holo-table when briefing for the Assassination scenario
  • Fixed unit markers being hidden during turn execution
  • Fixed action palette remaining on the screen when using NUM (-) to hide UI
  • Fixed exit to main menu being available on the combat outcome screen
  • Fixed dark lighting and fog intensity in the salvage screen and virtual background view
  • Fixed pod position on Arrow and Knox armor sets in base views
  • Fixed an issue making it impossible to dash under overhangs
  • Fixed combat fog multiplying bloom
  • Fixed broken weight icon sizes on unit info UI in combat
  • Fixed tooltip settings on main menu
  • Fixed missing retreat zones on Blitz scenarios
  • Fixed an issue where the language option would not appear when localization mods are active
  • Fixed animation issues with chained melee actions
  • Fixed text on Break-In scenarios
  • Fixed disabled victory outcomes on Liberation scenarios
  • Fixed subsystem filters in the inventory excluding several subsystems
  • Fixed holo-table lighting being too dark and missing accent lights
  • Fixed War Memorial site remaining on the map after the event concludes
  • Fixed an occasional exception on the main menu
  • Fixed issues with the Draft event not firing as intended
  • Fixed an issues allowing rain to appear in the starting province
  • Fixed developer text appearing in tooltips
  • Fixed a pose between primary weapon holster animation and secondary weapon draw