Patch 0.16.2-b3391

Released: 8th March 2022

Changes in 0.16.2-b3391

🦾 indicates changes due to community feedback

Improved Inventory Management

  • 🦾 You can now sort by quality, level, and group
  • 🦾 Select all items and invert selection in inventory list

Mobile Base Upgrades

  • A new area of the base can now be accessed!
  • New games now begin with only Standard movement modes and a two-unit capacity
  • Unlock more movement modes, simultaneous builds in the workshop, improved battery capacity, improved repair speed, and much more by spending Common, Uncommon, and Rare components
  • Compare base upgrades using the new Mobile Base stats panel in the Upgrades screen
  • Note that upgrades are not available when in combat briefing mode

Quality of Life Improvements

  • 🦾 Rain improves heat dissipation: Units now cool down twice as fast in combat
  • 🦾 Turrets now surrender when all other enemies have been destroyed
  • 🦾 Lost player equipment is now automatically marked for salvage
  • Prevented actions from being placed beyond 4.75s in the timeline to prevent gameplay and animation bugs that may occur in the following turn
  • Updated the position of mechs in the briefing screen to improve visibility
  • Updated the roadmap to cover future updates more accurately
  • 🦾 Increased text size on event screens
  • Reduced the volume of the overdrive klaxon
  • Improved resource amount UI to cover Uncommon and Rare components as well as Common ones

Fixed in 0.16.2-b3391

  • Fixed issues with units ragdolling and detaching from their markers when crashing
  • Fixed a typo in the overworld action for delivering supplies
  • Fixed Knox Light project using Arrow descriptions in the Workshop
  • Upper arm parts can no longer be detached from arms
  • Fixed an issue where workshop arms were not animating
  • Fixed the tooltip on the “back” button in the Main Menu
  • Fixed developer text on overworld actions hiding entity names for targets
  • Fixed an issue where embers from combat would remain on the screen
  • Fixed an issue where only half the retreat zone was drawn in the combat tutorial
  • Various tweaks to right handed single handed firearm poses in the briefing screen
  • It’s no longer possible to force actions to overlap by placing them too quickly
  • Fixed an issue where mechs would overlap with active turrets when concluding a melee action in that space
  • Fixed an issue displaying Battery recovered in salvage to four decimal places
  • Fixed mechs with one-handed weapons twisting their arm before shooting