Patch 0.17.1-b3589

Released: 31st March 2022

Changes in 0.17.1-b3589

🦾 indicates changes due to community feedback

World Reset: Due to the changes to the overworld, saves from 0.17.0 will be upgraded to the new overworld.

  • Inventory, supplies, base upgrades, pilots, and units will be maintained 
  • The mobile base will be moved back to the tutorial province
  • Any fully-captured provinces will remain captured. Partially captured provinces will be reverted to the enemy and every entity will be hostile again, hope reset to 0.
  • Any ongoing overworld actions (except for workshop builds) will be canceled
  • It’s possible that other issues may occur if loading a save from a version older than 0.17.0

Alternatively, we recommend starting a new campaign at this point, as the progression and new features have changed gameplay significantly!

Overworld Overhaul Part 2!

  • We’re expanding even more on overworld gameplay! These are LONG patch notes so buckle in!
  • Province Escalation (Enemy Activity)
    • While the base is in a province, the Escalation level will rise (and fall when the base leaves a province)
    • Liberating sites in a province will also increase escalation
    • Escalation level determines how much attention the Enemy faction is paying attention to you. This affects:
      • The rate at which Patrols spawn
      • The types of Patrols and Convoys that spawn
      • The enemy’s Threat Rating: enemies will pose a greater threat the higher the escalation level of the province
        • The Brigade’s Threat Rating is based on the average level of your units
        • The larger the difference in Threat Rating, the more difficult combat will be
    • The first province and the Capitol province do not have escalation and are won by liberating all overworld sites in those provinces
    • Expect some pretty strong enemies at Escalation level 3!
    • Escalation Levels are represented in UI as well as the province borders:
    • (full escalation)
  • Enemy Recapture
    • In hostile provinces that are not currently being Contested by the Phantom Brigade, liberated sites will now be recaptured by the enemy
    • After liberation, eventually a timer will start and begin counting down
    • You can’t prevent recapture of liberated sites – the smartest move is to Contest the province and push the enemy out entirely!
  • Contesting Provinces
    • Provinces are no longer liberated by Hope (don’t worry, Hope will be back next update completely revamped!)
    • Instead, if a province reaches Escalation Level 1, you can choose to Contest the Province to unite with the Home Guard and push the enemy back!
    • When a province is being contested, Home Guard and Enemy Strength scores will be exposed
    • A province can only be contested if it is adjacent to a liberated province (with the exception of the first province)
    • You can only contest a single province at a time
    • Objectives and Battlesites
      • The only way to fight back the enemy’s heightened forces is by targeting special sites that only appear in Contested Provinces
      • Battlesites are special sites where the Home Guard will lose the battle unless the Phantom Brigade steps in to help out
      • These are timed sites, and if the site isn’t won in time, the Home Guard strength will decrease
      • Even if you win, this will not damage the Enemy Strength, but it’s vital to complete them to preserve morale in the province
      • Objectives are special targets that if taken out, will significantly hamper the Enemy’s ability to defend themselves. Attacking these will damage the Enemy’s Strength
      • In the screenshot below, there is a battlesite on the left and an objective on the right. They are also displayed in the Strength Score UI as icons that can be clicked on to center the site in the overworld view
      • By strategically taking out objectives, you can turn the tides and liberate the province!
      • If your strength falls to 0, the province is regained by the enemy and they will take back all liberated sites. You must wait until your strength is recovered before attempting to contest a province again.
  • Resupplying, Repair Gel and Pilot Recruitment
    • Mech repairs are no longer unlimited and require repair gel
    • When you exit combat, your unit repairs will automatically subtract some repair gel from your pool (shown on the lower left hand side of the overworld HUD)
    • If you run out of repair gel, you will no longer be able to repair your units
  • Repair Gel in Battle:
    • Your barrier units will take a tank of repair gel into battle with them
    • Barrier recharges will drain your tank
    • When the tank is empty, the barrier no longer recharges in combat
      • To recruit pilots or refill your repair gel pool (as well as recover pilot fatigue), drive the base over a Resupply Point (any base in a liberated province or the mountain base)
  • Fallback
    • Instead of always falling back to Felheim, falling back will now take you to the closest liberated province base
    • The amount of time you spend recovering is dependent on how far you were from the base when you initiated fallback
    • Fallback button is available whenever the base is in hostile territory and there is a resupply point somewhere on the map
    • Note that falling back no longer gives you additional units or pilots – you must choose to Rest and Resupply from the UI in order to regain your resources

Other Changes

  • 🦾 Each overworld site now has a unique UI icon to help differentiate between all the different types of site
  • All overworld sites now have adorable new models to help distinguish them (they look like the actual maps!)
  • 🦾 Mechs now have idle animations in the Briefing Menu
  • Added new pre-combat, defeat and liberation events
  • New types of mobile enemies:
    • Repair Convoy: attacking and winning this Convoy will net you some Repair Resources without having to return to safety!
    • Hunter Squad: only spawns at the highest escalation level, these patrol squads have increased detection range and are incredibly strong, but will net you some hefty rewards should you take them on
  • 🦾 Added an extra UI element to selected patrols or convoys that indicate when their position data is expired and they are no longer at the last viewed location
  • 🦾 Reordered the socket list in Unit editing so that arms come before parts
  • Readjusted where and how events can occur, depending on the state of the province
  • 🦾 All movement modes are now unlocked from the start of the campaign

Fixed in 0.17.1-b3589

  • Pause menu now actually pauses the game if opened during the tutorial
  • Retreat zones no longer overlap with the edges of certain maps
  • Fixed actions being allowed to overlap on the timeline
  • Holograms now accurately predict the direction units will face at the end of their movement
  • Fixed autosaves not occurring after combat with a patrol squad
  • Fixed unit pose not being refreshed if exiting unit editing with esc
  • Fixed a bunch of typos in various event
  • Units are now pre-selected in briefing after starting a new game with tutorial
  • Fixed Salvage Menu model preview not clearing when leaving Salvage Menu
  • Fixed thruster effects and weapon trail persisting when a melee equipped arm is destroyed mid-attack
  • Fixed an issue where comparing beam weapons “equipped” doesn’t change to “compared”
  • Fixed a visual issue when an arm is removed from a unit while it’s holding a weapon