Patch 0.17.2-b3631

Released: 6th April 2022

Changes in 0.17.2-b3631

🦾 indicates changes due to community feedback

🦾Rebalance based on community feedback! Thank you!

  • Combat Balance:
    • Reserves unit groups have one less unit
    • Assault scenarios were rebalanced
    • Made the tutorial province, Ostbager-Wiel, significantly easier
    • Battle Site combat now uses the Wilderness map
    • Battle Site combat now also gives you command access to 3 Home Guard tanks!
      • Note – in combat briefing, these show up as Enemy units rather than Allied units.
  • Overworld Balance:
    • Increased the time taken until enemies begin recapturing liberated sites
    • Reduced the number of patrols active at the same time by half (for all escalation levels)
    • All entities damage enemy’s Strength when defeated – no longer just Objectives
    • Defeating an Objective now deals 5x the base damage to the enemy’s Strength!
    • Objectives are now permanently visible, just like Battle Sites, for consistency and to reduce frustration with hard-to-find moving Objectives that can disappear before you discover their true location
    • Three entity types can now be selected as Objectives:
      • Patrols have a 20% chance of being selected
      • Convoys have a 20% chance of being selected
      • Static sites have a 60% chance of being selected
    • Losing all mechs in combat will reset escalation in that province to level 0 under peaceful conditions or level 1 if the province is being contested
    • Losing one mech on a defeat or retreat to defeat will drop the escalation level by 1
  • Equipment and Loot Balance:
    • Increased the chance of higher rarity loot drops by 10% across the board
    • Workshop now produces equipment +2 levels above the last captured province, which will hopefully make workshopping gear useful again instead of being a downgrade or similar level to current equipment
  • Updated text in some events

New Post-Combat UI

  • The Salvage screen now has new UI. This explains
    • Changes to Escalation due to the combat outcome
    • Changes to Strength on both the PB and Enemy sides due to the combat outcome

Fixed in 0.17.2-b3631

  • A unit firing a beam weapon no longer has its weapon VFX visible indefinitely if concussed while firing
  • Disengage from the first tutorial patrol is now possible
  • Fixed Lost Weapon event not triggering correctly
  • Disengage from market entities is now possible
  • Readjusted length of celebration and festival
  • Fixed issues with the Hidden Cache event
  • Fixed event-specific entities not being displayed on the map correctly
  • Fixed strongholds loading incorrect scenarios
  • Fixed an exception
  • Fixed stronghold entities not spawning post-Capital combat
  • Fixed a hole in the Mountain Base Combat map
  • Fixed multiple tutorial events not triggering
  • Fixed Threat Level not getting updated in various UI
  • Fixed time scrubbing SFX on the combat timeline