Patch 0.18.3-b3812

Released: 4th May 2022

Changes in 0.18.3-b3812

🦾 indicates changes due to community feedback

New Overworld VFX!

  • Overworld Terrain Re-texturing: We’ve done an overhaul on the overworld terrain
  • War VFX: 
    • Overworld, Combat, and the Mobile Base now get smoky and damaged in provinces where war is ongoing
    • The sky turns dark in combat during war and explosions can be seen in the background of the Mobile Base

War and Campaign

  • We’ve reintroduced Hope back into the game!
    • Hope is now global rather than province-based
    • Influences the Home Guard’s Strength. The more Hope you inspire, the less Strength is lost during war
    • The amount of Hope also affects the options available to the Brigade when making important decisions during events
  • Patrol Reinforcements
    • If you engage a site while a patrol is nearby, that patrol will enter combat as enemy reinforcements
    • Both patrols called by enemy-controlled sites and those currently chasing the base can come in as waves
    • The groups of reinforcements become more powerful and numerous the higher the Escalation level in the Province
    • Military structures can also provide reinforcements, so be careful where you attack patrols and convoys!

  • Temporary Base Objectives
    • These appear when all sites in an enemy province have been taken by the Brigade before war is declared. These special bases will also spawn roaming enemies

Lots of new events!

  • Conscripts: After the Brigade loses a fight, the Defector notices that one of the enemy pilots was a conscript from the area. One of the mechanics onboard suddenly feels very hesitant about re-engaging, in light of this news
  • Reduce, Reuse: The Brigade comes across a group of people picking through the debris after a fight, finding out that people have been selling them
  • New steps in the Cat and Dog event chain!
  • New steps in the Defector and Rescued Civilians event chains!
  • New tutorial event to explain Escalation

New Mobile Base Upgrades

  • Decoy Drone: building one of these in the Workshop allows the Base to send out a Drone in the Overworld
    • This drone has limited fuel supply before it needs to return to the Base
    • It has its own vision range, helping to scout enemy territory without them being alerted to the Base’s presence
    • Drones can also be used to distract the enemy as Patrols will chase them down and eliminate them

  • Smoke Charges: build these in the workshop to get the option to stun an enemy patrol that has caught up to you!
  • Combat Modifiers
    • Comms Jamming: If an enemy site is calling for reinforcements, you can use Comms Jamming in briefing to interfere with the call, reducing the number of waves in combat

    • Scan Jamming (Workshop): Interferes with the Enemy’s sensors to lead them to believe they are approaching a small group of Civilians. Reduces the Enemy’s Threat Rating
    • Radio Uplink: Calls in a friendly reinforcement wave during combat. This costs the Brigade one Reputation point, but winning combat with the Home Guard intact rewards you one point too

Other Improvements & QoL:

  • You can now choose to leave combat in the Briefing screen instead of Disengaging during the precombat event

  • 🦾 Made player tanks AI controlled
    • Home guard tanks that join you in battle when engaging with Battle Sites or when calling them in via the new Radio Uplink will now take initiative to fight the enemy without the need to give them orders!
    • If you prefer giving all your units orders, you can always override the AI actions, or just tweak their plans! 
  • You can now use hotkeys (1, 2, etc) to select an option in an event
  • We’ve merged in a subtle rework of our combat terrain textures, making them more seamless and pretty
  • Province levels now adapt to your progress, rather than being preset – this means things really open up in terms of where you can go from the first province while still not being overly challenged.
    • This number is recalculated every time a province contesting is concluded

Fixed in 0.18.3-b3812

  • Fixed home guard recovery getting stuck at above its max value and never allowing province contesting again
  • Fixed crashed meteors being non-interactable
  • Fixed primary and secondary weapon names being reversed in several locations
  • Post-contest events now occur regardless of where the base is on the overworld, not just when in the contested province
  • Fixed unit selection with Tab being reversed
  • Fixed second pause menu button appearing on screen if loading a save while in combat
  • Fixed the targeting rings of many weapons being different sizes when being placed on the timeline vs choosing a target
  • Fixed squad being visible when switching to unit editing view while in briefing
  • Fixed enemy tanks being damaged when their pilots eject
  • Fixed sites outside of contested province damaging enemy Strength Score
  • Fixed mobile base not being autoselected in some situations when loading a game
  • Fixed undefended caches remaining hostile after unlocking and salvaging
  • Fixed units with a shield and weapon not being allowed to do fallback melee when it’s single weapon is destroyed
  • Fixed no units being selected and incorrect camera position when the first slot of a squad is empty when entering combat
  • Fixed filtering in inventory preventing comparison of equipped vs hovered parts
  • Now prevents breaking turn execution caused by spamming a hotkey during end of a turn
  • Fixed camera getting stuck in the sky when entering combat
  • Fixed thrusters on Arrow and Knox Torsos