Council Report #5: Corporate Goals and Tech Scrapping

17th November 2021

Greetings Founder, After focusing our efforts on depleting rebel numbers, the Council finally feels that you have sufficiently met their […]

Industries of Titan Update 16: Combat, Weather, and More

2nd November 2021

PATCH HIGHLIGHTS: NEW ADVISOR: Your new Research Director is here to help. GATLING GUN: Take out your enemies with a new weapon. […]

Council Report #4: New Advisor, Gatling Gun, Sandstorms, and More

20th October 2021

Greetings Founder, The Council has been impressed with how you’ve been using the Tech Tree so far, especially without any […]

Industries of Titan Update 15: Tech Tree

5th October 2021

PATCH HIGHLIGHTS: TECH TREE: Research Ancient Technologies in your new Tech Tree NEW BUILDING: Build a Science Lab to enable […]

Council Report #3: Tech Tree

22nd September 2021

Greetings Founder, We’ve been quite busy since last we spoke, as I hope you’ve been as well. You may recall […]

Industries of Titan Update 14: Ruin, Resources, Rebels

7th September 2021

PATCH HIGHLIGHTS: ANOMALY DETECTED: Harvest Anomalies for more Artifacts OBSIDIAN RUINS: Survey higher quality ruins for more resources NEW BUILDING: […]

Council Report #2: Anomaly Detected

18th August 2021

Greetings Founder, I hope you’ve been well since my last report. As you know, Artifacts are very important to the […]

Industries of Titan Update 13: Recipe for Ruin

3rd August 2021

PATCH HIGHLIGHTS: INERT RUINS: Some ruins can now be activated for various functions SHIP BLUEPRINTS: Save and load layouts for […]

Council Report #1 – Week One on Steam Complete

28th June 2021

Hello Founder. Today, we close our logs on an incredible first week of Early Access and prepare for the future. […]

Industries of Titan Update 12: Full Speed Ahead

1st June 2021

A message from the design team Hello Founders. This update reverts a recent change to unlocking buildings with Artifacts that […]

Industries of Titan STEAM Release Date

25th May 2021

Industries of Titan launches on Steam, June 21, 2021. You heard it here. We’re excited for our Early Access journey […]

Industries of Titan Update 11: Darkness Falls

4th May 2021

PATCH HIGHLIGHTS: FOG OF WAR: Ships can now explore the Fog of War! TIMING MATTERS: Undertake a new challenge -Timed […]

Industries of Titan Update 10: New Horizons

6th April 2021

 PATCH HIGHLIGHTS: NIGHT LIGHT, NIGHT BRIGHT: Beautifully updated day/night cycle. PUT A RING ON IT: You’re going to love […]

Industries of Titan Update 9: Industrial Revolution

2nd March 2021

 PATCH HIGHLIGHTS: BENEFACTORY: Benefit from new factory devices to refine resources! REBEL BASE AI: Rebel bases now expand and […]

Industries of Titan Update 8: Live, Die, Work, Repeat

2nd February 2021

 PATCH HIGHLIGHTS: THE SOUND OF MONEY: The streets of Titan are now alive with citizens! PAYDAY: Yes, you have […]

Industries of Titan AMA #3 with Andy Nguyen

17th December 2020

For the last few Fridays, Industries of Titan’s Lead Designer, Andy Nguyen, has joined players in our Discord to answer […]

Industries of Titan AMA #2 with Andy Nguyen

8th December 2020

Every Friday for the last month, Industries of Titan’s Lead Designer, Andy Nguyen, has joined players in our Discord to […]

Industries of Titan Update 7: Quality of Life – Part 2

1st December 2020

 PATCH HIGHLIGHTS: AMP IT UP: Experience a reworked energy grid system. ROADS GO BRR: Roads now burrow! NO MORE REPAIR […]

Industries of Titan AMA #1 with Andy Nguyen

25th November 2020

Every Friday for the last few weeks, Industries of Titan’s Lead Designer, Andy Nguyen, has joined players in our Discord […]

Update 6: Quality of Life

3rd November 2020

With update 5, we officially have all the content from our previous demos in Industries of Titan. We’re now six […]

Industries of Titan Update 5: Ship Just Got Real

6th October 2020

That’s right. Ship just got really real. With Update 5, Ship Just Got Real, we’ve reached the end of this […]

Industries of Titan Update 4: Tactics Makes Perfect

1st September 2020

Manage your damage in the fourth MAJOR Industries of Titan update, Tactics Makes Perfect. Take a look inside your ships […]

Industries of Titan Update 3: Shape Up and Ship Out

4th August 2020

Shape up your city and ship out your ships. It’s time to bring the fight to the rebels in the […]

Industries of Titan Update 2: A Fuel’s Errand

7th July 2020

Welcome to the second major update of Industries of Titan, Founder. It’s time to enrich your city by building a […]

Industries of Titan Update I: All Roads Lead to Titan

2nd June 2020

No matter where you go, your destiny is on Titan, Founder. Shall we head down this road together?   It’s […]


14th April 2020

The time has come to depart Citizens! Industries of Titan is Available now in Early Access on the Epic Games […]


26th March 2020

  Citizens of Titan, it’s almost time to depart! Industries of Titan Early Access is launching on April 14, 2020 […]

Industries of Titan will be at PAX West

8th August 2019

Great news, Citizens! Industries of Titan will be at PAX West 2019, and this time we’ll have a new demo […]

Industries of Titan to launch on Epic Games Store!

20th March 2019

Citizens of Titan, we have some news to share. Industries of Titan will be launching in Early Access exclusively on […]

Industries of Titan will be playable at the Unreal booth at GDC!

11th March 2019

Industries of Titan is coming to the Unreal booth at the GDC 2019 Expo! Brace Yourself Games and the Industries […]

Titan invades PAX

10th August 2018

The sci-fi city building sim/strategy game, Industries of Titan, will be playable for the very first time at PAX West […]